Lancers News · Practice Week of 5/12

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Monday                                                               Tuesday

Track (LNW) 4:00-5:30                                       Softball, MS (Softball) 3:00-4:30
Baseball, JV (Main Gym) 4:00-5:30                  Baseball, JV (Main Gym) 4:00-5:30
Soccer, Var. (Main Gym) 3:00-4:00                Golf (Bald Mountain) 3:15-5:15
Softball, Var. (Softball) 4:30-6:30.
Softball, MS (Softball) 3:00-4:30

Wednesday                                                             Thursday

Baseball, Var. (Baseball) 3:00-5:00                     Track (LNW) 4:00-5:30
Soccer, Var. (Main Soccer) 3:45-5:30                  Soccer, Varsity (Main Soccer) 3:00-5:00
Softball, Var. (Softball) 3:00-5:00                         Soccer, MS (MS Field) 3:00-4:30
Track (LNW) 4:00-5:30                                         Softball, Var. (Softball) 4:30-6:30
*                                                                            Softball, MS (Softball) 3:00-4:30


Baseball, JV (Main Gym or Cage) 4:00-6:00
Track (LNW) 4:00-5:30
Golf (Bald Mountain) 3:15-5:15