Lancers News · 2019-2020 Boys’ Basketball Awards

With the completion of the 2019-2020 season comes the time to celebrate the players and seniors that will be leaving us. With all the issues of Covid-19 the teams meet over Zoom to “handout” awards. Thank you to Coach John Strong, Coach Romani Jackson, Coach Ben Greenberg and Coach Michael Greenburg for all your hard work. Following the award lists you will find the Zoom Awards Meetings for the varsity and junior varsity teams as well as a varsity highlight video.

The following awards were earned this season:

Varsity Team Awards:

Craig Martin FT Shooting Star Award – Angelo Scafone
John Garner Rim Defender Award – Jack Currie
BiJon Trice Leadership Award – Keith McAllister
Kevin Ogle Shooting Star Award – Keith McAllister
Roland Coit Defensive Player Award – Daniel Siminski, Angelo Scafone
Jon Wilkie Pride Hustle Determination Award – Ethan Townsend
Aaron Willson Rebounding Award – Jack Currie
Jimmy Mehlberg Helping Hands Award – Daniel Siminski
Chris Perrin Good Hands Award – Carson Ford
Jon Mills 3 pt. Shooting Star Award – Ethan Townsend
Mike Carter Scoring  Award – Daniel Siminski
Lancer Iron Man Award – Daniel Siminski
Derek Zwier Most Improved Award – Tono Munoz
Captain’s Award – Keith McAllister, Daniel Siminski
Most Outstanding Player – Daniel Siminski
Christian Lancer Award – Jack Farstvedt
Student-Athlete Award – Easton Deck, Josh Benore, Tono Munoz, Lake Patterson, Keith McAllister
Most Improved Student-Athlete Award – Daniel Siminski
Lancer Award – Tono Munoz

Conference Awards:
MIAC All-Conference 2nd Team – Angelo Scafone
MIAC All-Conference 1st Team – Dan Siminski

MIAC Dream Team – Daniel Siminski

State Awards:
BCAM Team First Award – Tono Munoz
Team Academic All-State Honorable Mention

2019-2020 Lancer Brotherhood Varsity Highlight Video

2019-2020 Varsity Awards Zoom

JV Team Awards:

Leadership Award – Jordan Johnson, Easton Deck
Mr. Hops – Jayden Peterson
Best Attitude Award – Tyler Amprim, Jack Legree
Best Rebounder Award – Luke Umphrey
Shot Blocker Award – Luke Umphrey
Free Throw Shooting Award – Chris Steffan, Jordan Johnson, Easton Deck
Mr. Big Shot 3-Point Award – Easton Deck
Offensive Player Award – Jordan Johnson, Easton Deck
Charge Award – Jake DenOuden
Defensive Player Award – Josh Benore
Mr. Hustle Award – Joe Shelata
Mr. Assist Award – Chris Steffan
Junkyard Dog Award – Jake DenOuden
Most Improved Award – Joe Shelata
Defensive Player Award –
Lancer Award – Jacob DenOuden
MVP Award – Jordan Johnson, Easton Deck
Top Offensive Player – Jordan Johnson, Eaton Deck

2019-2020 JV Awards Zoom